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TMS 8.4.2


TMS 8.4.2

Bugs fixed

  • Session Shadowing settings are applied even when the Cancel button is pressed
  • current divider location is not preserved when a new department is selected
  • devices in a department with a linked policy enter an infinite reconfiguration loop after connecting
  • devices in a department with a linked policy erroneously apply settings that ought to be excluded from the configuration (e.g. hostname, static IP address settings)
  • devices in a department with a linked policy don't show the correct saved profile name in the "Based On" column
  • devices dragged to a department with a linked policy do not appear until TMS is restarted

New features

  • idle session exit timer; most modes now have an option to forcibly terminate the session if the user does not use the mouse or keyboard for the specified number of minutes (defaults to off, requires tms_client >= 8.4.2 and TLXOS >= 5.0.0)


  • the Window Size control in the Mode window now uses a spin box widget rather than a text widget
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