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TLXOS 5.0.0



Please note: this release does not support the Raspberry Pi 5 (if you have a Pi 5, please use the progressive release, i.e. 5.1.0 or later).

Bugs fixed

  • RDP mode fails to launch RDP client when Kiosk Mode option is selected
  • Horizon Client fails to start web browser when performing SAML authentication
  • installer displays errors about missing usleep command (probably harmless)
  • xinput_calibrator only works with evdev, not libinput, and therefore no longer works in TLXOS 4.7.x or 4.9.x and later (we replaced it with a new utility named xlibinput_calibrator)
  • Citrix RTME extension is not activated (RePC only)
  • Horizon Client may use the incorrect audio scheme when USB redirection is disabled
  • screen corruption may occur in Horizon Client when using Intel Integrated Graphics due to the application favouring VDPAU over VA-API (RePC only)
  • RPi IoT installer erroneously identifies itself as TLXOS RPi prior to TLXOS installation
  • installer may fail to merge and use configuration information provided in /boot/*.txt (e.g. WiFi settings) when upgrading an existing install that uses default settings instead
  • installer erroneously disregards mode requested via Syslinux menu and all information in /boot/*.txt files when performing a forced (re)install
  • installer may fail to perform an automatic upgrade when booting a USB install stick
  • device might fail to boot due to systemd service failure cascade caused by failure of the persist-cleanup service
  • certain USB devices, such as printers, are not redirected in a Citrix desktop, regardless of USB redirection settings (RePC only)
  • audio might be mute if audio device requires sample rate or format conversion, e.g. some external USB audio devices (RePC only)
  • code to (re)configure rng-tools service is executed needlessly often
  • ofono-phonesim systemd service tries to start too early, and fails to start multiple times on boot before (probably) finally succeeding
  • TLXOS fails to automatically set up displays as previously specified (clone mode / extended desktop) when plugging in a secondary/tertiary monitor after the device has booted
  • cannot install new ipkg packages in Maintenance Mode due to unsupported wget option
  • Raspberry Pi 4s PXE booted in "Diskless Clients" mode may be unable to remember any settings after a reboot
  • interactive shell may display syntax errors upon login from inclusion of /etc/profile.d/
  • bluez package was not upgraded to 5.54 backport as it should have been (RePC only)

Software upgrades

  • 5.15.92 (RPi) or 5.15.143 (RePC/SFF) kernel - RPi IoT retains 5.4.83 (albeit a new build) due to later kernels not being sufficiently low-memory-friendly
  • FreeRDP 2.11.5
  • Citrix Workspace App 2307 (we chose this version because 2308 included SSL reforms that might break connections to older servers)
  • VMware Horizon Client 2212.1 (we chose this version because it was the last to support Skype for Business Optimization (albeit not on RPi))
  • tms_client/Tlxconfig 8.4.2
  • various Debian 10.13 package upgrades

New features

  • RePC ISO images are now dual EFI/Legacy bootable (this has become necessary due to an increasing number of Legacy-boot incapable BIOSes)
  • the Restricted Feature Password can now be used to gain edit privileges in the Syslinux boot menu, e.g. to alter kernel command line parameters (RePC and SFF only)
  • Idle session termination feature now available for most modes; this forces the application to exit (at which point the designated Exit Action behavior will occur) after the specified number of minutes have elapsed with no user keyboard or mouse activity
  • device console now displays a copy of TMS status (i.e. progress) messages while a TMS-initiated upgrade is in progress (requires tms_client >= 8.4.2)
  • TMS now displays additional information generated by the Maintenance Mode upgrade_helper script about the progress of a TMS-initiated upgrade (requires tms_client >= 8.4.1)
  • a compressed RAM (ZRAM) swap device is now automatically configured and activated on devices with less than 1 GiB of RAM; this might help avoid OOM kills on low memory devices


  • TMS and Tlxconfig will now include "None" as an option for audio input and output devices
  • TMS now shows that an installation requiring storage approval is pending (requires tms_client >= 8.4.2)
  • Client Drive Redirection is now disabled by default in HDX and Horizon modes; this feature is problematic due to (i) lack of a "safe removal" safeguard, and (ii) the new consent popup added in Workspace App >= 2305; USB storage device redirection - which occurs by default in both these modes - is a safer alternative
  • the contents of /etc/fstab have been removed, as these entries were only ever useful as a convenience for developers, and resulted in needless benign startup/shutdown errors due to systemd behavior

Known bugs

  • in HDX mode on RPi, one must revert to using the older version of the smartcard driver (VDSCARD.DLL) and disable UDP audio, otherwise the HDX desktop could fail to appear or stall during logon (respectively); we did this by default in 5.0.0, but have no idea why these workarounds are necessary
  • intermittent brief screen blanking on Pi 2 only - this seems to be a bug in all our Pi kernels later than 5.4.75 (TLXOS 4.10.x)
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