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TLXOS 4.11.1


TLXOS 4.11.1

Bugs fixed

  • Horizon mode will fail to use a non-default audio scheme (i.e. to use PulseAudio on RPi or ALSA on non-RPi) and will continue use the default instead, and a related syntax error from sed will be visible in syslog files
  • periodic rsync re-synchronization never occurs in new Digital Signage mode, regardless of settings
  • fullscreen web content in either Legacy or new Digital Signage modes will be smaller than the monitor resolution by one pixel in both dimensions, due to an obsolete bug workaround that now needs to be removed
  • RDP mode should not provide a pick list of recently used usernames when the Kiosk Mode option is selected
  • certain USB devices, such as printers, will not be redirected in Citrix desktops, regardless of USB redirection settings
  • changes to time server setting may not take effect immediately, and will cause any site specific modifications to /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf to be lost
  • Maintenance Mode fails to use ThinLinX-specific DHCP settings; may result in client going offline during upgrades due to TMS discovery failure (SFF only)

Software upgrades

  • FreeRDP 2.9.0
  • Citrix Workspace App 2212
  • VMware Horizon Client 2212 (except on RePC, which remains limited to 2012 due to discontinuation of 32-bit x86 port) - RPi version now finally includes printer redirection!
  • tms_client/Tlxconfig 8.4.1
  • various Debian 10.13 package upgrades


  • tcpdump package was removed in order to save space
  • Citrix settings FontSmoothingType=3 and RelativeMouse=1 are now set in wfclient.template rather than All_Regions.ini, as the latter was needlessly preventing per-user override

Known issues

  • in HDX mode on RPi, one must revert to using the older version of the smartcard driver (VDSCARD.DLL) and disable UDP audio, otherwise the HDX desktop could fail to appear or stall during logon (respectively); we did this by default in 4.11.1, but have no idea why these workarounds are necessary
  • TLXOS boot-up sometimes gets "stuck" on the splash screen due to an unknown 5.4 kernel bug, apparently a race condition in the kernel's PCI SDHCI driver - affects Pi 4 and slow x86 hardware when booting from SD or eMMC
  • Unfortunately the attempt to fix the RDP Kiosk Mode problem (see "Bugs Fixed", above) resulted in an even worse bug - please use TMS to download and install the "RDP Kiosk Mode fix" post-release hotfix.


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