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TMS 8.4.1


Bugs fixed

  • various TMS operations could be ignored by the client when using tms_client 8.4.0 if they don't compress well; in particular, this has been observed when attempting to change network settings
  • various small memory leaks could occur in unlikely circumstances
  • license changes (e.g. revocation) do not generate audit log events
  • the Device Information window (displayed when double-clicking a device row) shows an incorrect value for "DNS 2"
  • downloads from mirror sites other than the default (United States - 1) fail - not our fault, we were forced to work around a web hosting provider bug/feature that they would not acknowledge as a legitimate problem


  • Window Size option can now be set for User Defined mode
  • the user is now asked if he/she wants to reset his/her download server (mirror) preference in the event that an interactive download fails
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