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tms_client / Tlxconfig 8.4.1


tms_client 8.4.1

Bugs fixed

  • various TMS operations could be ignored by the client when using TMS >= 8.4.0 if they don't compress well; in particular, this has been observed when attempting to change network settings
  • various small memory leaks could occur in unlikely circumstances

New features

  • added a hook that future TFM (Maintenance Mode) releases will use to provide information on the device console about what tms_client is doing during an upgrade (i.e. the same messages that appear in TMS)
  • added support for upgrade by means of a TFM (Maintenance Mode) helper script, which in future will provide greater flexibility (e.g. for enlarging filesystems in TLXOS 5.x) and more detailed progress notifications while writing filesystems.

Tlxconfig 8.4.1

Bugs fixed

  • various small memory leaks could occur in unlikely circumstances


  • Window Size option can now be set for User Defined mode
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