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TMS 8.4.0


TMS 8.4.0

Bugs fixed

  • Update License's "Verify" action actually does the same thing as "Install/Reinstall"
  • installer fails to add Windows firewall rules
  • in the Network Configuration window, "DNS 2" shows the same value as "DNS 1", not the actual setting
  • crash when displaying locally available hotfixes if a hotfix folder contains filenames without the expected number of "%" characters
  • in the Displays configuration window, changing Resolution fails to set the implied Mode Set (RPi / RPi IoT devices only) and to set a matching Resolution on the other outputs (clone mode only)
  • clients might desynchronize (i.e. become confused and drop one or more transactions) due to lack of explicit buffer flushing
  • Kiosk Mode should not be a selectable option for Media Player mode
  • clients could stop responding after server DHCP lease renewal due to use of out-of-date cached IP address in UDP broadcasts
  • window and column sizes are not saved when TMS is closed using window manager controls (the 'X' button)
  • DNS server options are erroneously inaccessible when one of Wired and Wireless uses DHCP mode and the other doesn't
  • on Windows, status information for devices using fallback licensing is not saved due to illegal colon characters in filename

New features

  • Departments area can now be resized
  • new Digital Signage mode with mixed content support using "pull" rather than "push" synchronization, as an alternative to legacy Digital Signage mode (single-content-type, push-synchronized), which will be removed in TMS 9.0.0 (requires tms_client >= 8.4.0, TLXOS >= 4.11.0 and an rsync server)
  • new "restart mode applications" option to aid recovery in the event of application lock-up (also useful for forcing immediate content resynchronization when using the new Digital Signage mode)
  • installer sets up an rsync service/daemon that can be used in conjunction with the new Digital Signage mode (you must run TMS under sudo / as administrator in order to use Add and Remove buttons)
  • reintroduced RDP submodes and added a "RemoteFX (software only)" alternative to the default RemoteFX submode as a workaround for VA-API userspace bugs/shortfalls on RePC or SFF (requires TLXOS >= 4.11.0)
  • Horizon mode microphone redirection is now enabled for TLXOS RPi devices (since RTAV is now available)
  • basic configuration policies: a department can now be linked to a saved device configuration, causing any device associated with this department to automatically (re)apply this configuration when it connects to TMS; this does not - at present - include anything other than configuration information, i.e. it does not include installed files and hotfixes (TMS 9.0.0 will address this deficiency)
  • new optional column for hardware information, obtained from device tree (RPi) or SMBIOS (RePC or SFF); information is not guaranteed to be accurate/helpful on x86 PCs - best effort only
  • new optional column for free-text comments, and (re-)introduction of a menu option to enter this information
  • audio input and output devices can now be explicitly selected for all TLXOS editions, using live data obtained from the device (replacing the much simpler hardcoded list of audio output options that was available for RPi only)
  • Network window now displays current IP address, netmask, gateway and DNS server information even when using a DHCP mode
  • Network window now displays Ethernet and WiFi MAC addresses

Removed features

  • removed Update License's "Renew" action


  • installation of tms_client upgrades and hotfixes is now permitted even on unlicensed devices
  • Digital Signage configuration - now done on a per-output basis rather than all at once - is now accessed via buttons in the Outputs table of the Displays window that appear only after setting a Digital Signage mode (legacy or new) in the Mode window
  • status files in the persistent database have doubled in size from 256 to 512 bytes, starting from this version
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