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TLXOS 4.10.1


TLXOS 4.10.1

Bugs fixed:

  • "BLAST (no H.264)" mode fails to turn H.264 off when Best graphics quality (a.k.a. YUV444 / High Color Accuracy) is selected (SFF and RePC only)
  • RAS printer redirection won't work unless all printers are enumerated
  • ras script must create ~/.local/share/2X if it doesn't exist
  • Citrix Teams optimization requires LLVM libc++ v9 or later, but v7 was provided (SFF only)
  • Maintenance Mode storage auto-selection algorithm is excessively biased in favour of MTD, MMC and NVMe devices because of kernel sysfs changes
  • in Horizon mode, view.sslVerificationMode, view.enableHEVC, view.enableH264 and view.enableH264YUV444 could be incorrectly set (in /etc/vmware/view-default-config) when using Kiosk Mode due to quoting errors in tlxinit script
  • typographical error in /etc/vmware/config (RePC only) may cause unwanted smart card reader redirection
  • in Horizon mode, initial value for view.enableH264 could be incorrect in ~/.vmware/view-preferences could be incorrect due to typo in vmview script
  • logic flaw in tlxinit script could cause x11vnc service to be started when VNC Server is disabled in the ThinLinX UI
  • applications that start quickly (e.g. RDP mode) could be disabled by systemd rate limiting when  servers are refusing connections while rebooting
  • RDP mode erroneously continues to remember last login name when Kiosk Mode is set due to typo in rdp script
  • preconfigured bookmark for TMS no longer works
  • HDX UDP audio doesn't work because TLXOS firewall blocks relevant ports
  • RDP via a gateway typically requires addition of /gateway-usage-method:detect
  • RAS servers may be untrusted due to outdated trusted CA certificate store
  • TLXOS installer fails if SMBIOS UUID is not present (RePC and SFF only)
  • Maintenance Mode can't retrieve licenses from ThinLinX License Server
  • Maintenance Mode doesn't favour Ethernet over WiFi when both are active
  • WiFi SSIDs and WPA2 Enterprise passphrases containing spaces may be mishandled
  • Digital Signage video playback and Media Player mode show only a black screen on Pi 3 (RPi only)
  • default hostname has unwanted single quotes after resetting to defaults (RePC only)

Software upgrades:

  • 5.4.83 (RPi/IoT) or 5.4.138 (others) kernel; RPi kernel includes additional drivers to support CM4 I/O boards (including NVME and SATA I/O cards) and Pi Zero 2
  • tms_client 8.3.1 / Tlxconfig 4.7
  • Broadcom firmware as at 15 Sep 2021 (RPi only)
  • /opt/vc tree updated to Git build as at 6 Aug 2021 (RPi only)
  • FreeRDP 2.4.1
  • Citrix Workspace 2111
  • Horizon Client 2111 (a.k.a. 8.4.0) (except on RePC - not possible because VMware has discontinued the 32-bit x86 port); this release includes the previously missing RTAV extension on ARM port, which (finally!) enables microphone redirection
  • Teams-for-Linux 1.0.9
  • various Debian 10.11 package upgrades (including official Buster Mesa 20.3.5 backport on RPi (replacing unofficial Mesa 19.1.0pre build))


  • pi4 default hostnames now omit initial "1" as well as any zeroes that follow it (i.e. shorter default hostnames)
  • cifs-utils package missing (SFF only)
  • various dummy/unneeded packages removed
  • DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS is now set in sessionmgr for all application launch scripts, rather than in ras and vidcon scripts only
  • added daily tms_client log rotation
  • added zip package (used by tms_client 8.3.1)
  • added various packages for future capabilities: wireguard-tools, pulseaudio-module-bluetooth, conky-std
  • set gpu_mem_512=96 rather than gpu_mem_512=128 for slightly more general purpose memory on Pi Zero / Zero 2
  • set arm_boost=1 for CPU clock rate increase on CM4 and later model Pi 4s

Known issues:

  • TLXOS RPi boot-up sometimes gets "stuck" on the splash screen due to an unknown 5.4 kernel bug, apparently to do with the kernel's MMC driver.  Possibly limited to Pi v4 only(?).
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