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TLXOS 4.10.0


TLXOS 4.10.0

Bugs fixed:

  • can't clear a Restricted Feature Password once set
  • single-pixel size compensation missing from RePC and SFF dsi script
  • releases featuring Horizon Client 20xx (4.9.1-4.9.3) are missing rdpvcbridge components needed for serial and scanner redirection
  • TFM must implement static DNS server assignment as per configuration if DHCP fails
  • multiple USB redirection bugs in spice script
  • windowed RDP doesn't work because "/multimon" implies fullscreen
  • rdp script fails to remove temporary credential file
  • CD/DVD media change events are not detected by storage_detect
  • nxssh binary linked against wrong OpenSSL library
  • dsi script fails to kill hhpc on receiving TERM signal
  • digital signage won't restart after reboot because tlxapp.service waits forever for the window manager to start
  • corrupt web browser display when starting Chromium with GL enabled (RPi only)
  • /etc/rrsh.allow is missing entries for vidcon and sakura, and also has obsolete entries
  • nmon won't run on SFF and RePC (compiled against wrong libncurses version)
  • PXE boot services won't start (on boot) on Buster-based releases

New features:

  • new Parallels RAS (formerly 2X) mode, based on RASClient version 16.5.3
  • add helper script to TFM image to sanitize /config recursively during upgrades (i.e. to carefully clean diskless client midlayers rather than delete them)
  • add 5-item recently used server pick-list
  • add Chromium extension to cycle through URLs (and periodically fresh pages) in Digital Signage mode
  • add insecure VNC server as an optional service
  • add TMS beacon as an optional service
  • add option to shut down¬† device on application exit
  • retain last ten application startup logs, with more predictable/human-readable names (/tmp/sessionmgr-tlx)
  • last used username is now preloaded in RDP authentication dialog when not in Kiosk Mode
  • add out-of-tree wireguard kernel module
  • web kiosk mode now adds --incognito option

Software upgrades:

  • tms_client 8.3.0 / Tlxconfig 4.6
  • Chromium 90
  • FreeRDP 2.3.2 (with VA-API support on RePC and SFF)
  • Citrix Workspace App 2103
  • Horizon Client 2103 (a.k.a. 8.2.0) (except on RePC - not possible because VMware has discontinued the 32-bit x86 port)
  • various Debian 10.9 package upgrades


  • change default mode setting to null (rather than Web) and force first-run configuration via Tlxconfig
  • remove Google Cloud Print feature (now useless because Google has retired it)
  • remove H.264 warning/disabling when dual screen are present on RPi in Horizon mode (no longer needed)
  • TMS/Tlxconfig Raspberry Pi Audio Output behavior change: using a setting other than "Auto/USB" will now force use of internal audio, rather than merely change the internal audio preference when no USB device is present

Known issues:

  • TLXOS RPi boot-up sometimes gets "stuck" on the splash screen due to an unknown 5.4.75 kernel bug, apparently to do with the kernel's MMC driver.¬† Possibly limited to Pi v4 only(?).
  • TLXOS RPi diskless clients fail to reboot (5.4.74 kernel issue?)
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