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TMS 8.3.0


TMS 8.3.0

Bugs fixed:

  • tmsDB::cache size is never set (default size of 100 is used instead)
  • mangled "mac=storage=" lines in departments.ini due to failure to remove "mac=" prefix from lines in old format
  • should prevent user from applying hotfixes to mixed versions before dialog is shown
  • only the first version of tms_client is downloaded if more than one is selected
  • incorrect grey-out behaviour for Referent cells in Displays window
  • on Linux versions only, unzip operations ignore umask and create files/directories that other users can't overwrite
  • incorrect bounds check on mouse sensitivity (range is 1-5, not 0-100)
  • multiple bugs in Install File implementation could segfault TMS
  • fails to send settings for highest numbered mode to v8 clients due to incorrect loop boundary condition
  • still can't clear a Restricted Feature Password once set, despite new checkbox
  • current size of main window is not remembered when TMS is restarted

New features:

  • automatically scan for WiFi access points and present results as WiFi SSID pick-list in Network Configuration window; also displays access point metadata (channel, signal quality and whether network is open) via tooltips (requires tms_client >= 8.3.0)
  • add option to shut down device on application exit (requires TLXOS >= 4.10.0/4.8.2)
  • add configuration options for optional insecure x11vnc service (requires TLXOS >= 4.10.0/4.8.2)
  • add TMS beacon as optional service (requires TLXOS >= 4.10.0/4.8.2)
  • add option to edit /boot/config.txt (Pi only - requires tms_client 8.3.0)
  • allow setting of session shadowing defaults (requires TLXOS >= 4.10.0/4.8.2)
  • display ThinLinX announcements/news when detected during new updates check (we'll use this only to announce major improvements, and fixes / workarounds for major bugs)
  • add "Last Seen" column (shows date and time of client's last communication with TMS)
  • support fallback MAC-address-based licensing for PCs with missing or known-non-unique product_uuid (requires tms_client >= 8.3.0 or Tlxconfig >= 4.6)
  • allow display duration (now renamed cycle time) to be set for Web Content in Digital Signage window (requires at TLXOS >= 4.10.0/4.8.2 to have any useful effect)
  • load SSL certificate and private key from external files, allowing use of own PKI and thereby preventing administrative hijack by "rogue" TMS servers (requires tms_client >= 8.3.0)
  • log audit events to eventlog/syslog (provides "who did what when and to whom" audit trail)

Removed features:

  • Google Cloud Print (now useless because Google has turned this service off)


  • Raspberry Pi Audio Output behavior change: using a setting other than "Auto/USB" will now force use of internal audio, rather than merely change the internal audio preference when no USB device is present (requires TLXOS >= 4.10.0/4.8.2)
  • complete overhaul of all Qt forms, windows now have much better layout and resizing behavior
  • remove unnecessary checkboxes from download, hotfix and storage selection windows (you can now just multi-select rows by clicking on them)
  • declutter downloads window by listing tms_client updates only once
  • remove pointless 2 MiB installed file size restriction
  • remove extraneous information from hotfix description in hotfix selection window
  • display error if user fails to specify any relative display positioning in Extend Desktop mode
  • ask user if they want to revoke the license also when deleting a device from TMS
  • add Type column to Downloads window, and allow sorting by column
  • allow reinstallation of Paid licenses if the Expiry Date doesn't match what is reported by tms_client (as a "stale TLXOS version" recovery aid)
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