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How does TLXOS differ from other Thin Client software?

  • You don't have to buy our hardware.

ThinLinX is currently a software-only company.  We don't sell hardware, so you are free to acquire whatever compatible hardware you wish.  We can't guarantee that TLXOS will run on any conceivable hardware, but we try to ensure that at least one of our editions will run on any Raspberry Pi mainboard, and any non-ancient (Pentium-IV or later) x86-based PC.

  • It's cheap.

We make maximum use of open source solutions and charge only enough money to (not quite) cover costs on development of the closed source part of the solution (TMS and its agent software).  Hopefully we can stay afloat until sales improve.

  • It's as close as possible to a standard open source Linux distribution (Debian).

TLXOS is very nearly standard Debian (differing mainly through use of a custom kernel with layered (AUFS) and compressed (Reiser4) filesystems), so you can use standard Debian utilities such as "apt-get" to install additional software (although you'll have to redo this after every TLXOS upgrade).

  • It has a very simple UI.

Most thin client software provides a long list of "technobabble" options for each embedded application that are incomprehensible to the layperson.  ThinLinX tries to describe options in generic, rather than application-specific, terms, and uses smart scripting to translate these to appropriate application-specific options.  This also means that TLXOS can easily substitute alternative client software if a better option becomes available.

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