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How do I get out of fullscreen mode?


The answer depends on which application you are using, and whether or not you have enabled ThinLinX's Kiosk Mode option.

Many applications, such as FreeRDP (RDP mode), Citrix Workspace App (HDX or Web mode) , VMware Horizon Client (Horizon mode) and the FlexVDI fork of spice-client-gtk (SPICE mode) provide an auto-hide toolbar at the top of the screen that has icons for functions such as toggling fullscreen on and off.  Where this toolbar exists, using it is the easiest way to exit fullscreen mode.  Unfortunately toolbars of this sort may not work on the Raspberry Pi when the H.264 hardware decoding overlay is in use - see

If you don't have a top-of-screen toolbar, there may be a keyboard sequence (hotkey) that you can use:

  • HDX/Citrix via Web mode: <Ctrl><F2> will break keyboard lock, after which you can use <Ctrl><Alt>d or <Ctrl><Alt><Tab> to "iconify" the Citrix window (see below).
  • Horizon mode: unfortunately VMware provides no hotkey for this, so there is no way to break out of a fullscreen session if the toolbar is absent.
  • RDP mode: <Ctrl><Alt><Enter> will break keyboard lock, after which you can use <Ctrl><Alt>d or <Ctrl><Alt><Tab> to "iconify" FreeRDP (see below).
  • SPICE mode: <Shift><F11> toggles fullscreen mode.  You can also use <Shift><F12> to break keyboard lock.
  • VNC mode: <F8> will toggle vncviewer's toolbar, which includes options to toggle fullscreen.
  • X11 mode: <Ctrl><Shift> will toggle key grab between local and remote window managers.  When the local window manager has the keyboard, you can use <Ctrl><Alt>d or <Ctrl><Alt><Tab> to "iconify" Xvnc (see below).

Please note that, except when using Local Desktop mode, TLXOS's desktop has no taskbar, and as such iconified applications will be invisible.  However, you can use <Alt><Tab> to maximize a hidden application window.

If you are using Kiosk Mode, then we will endeavour to deliberately disable any toolbars or hotkeys that allow you to escape the fullscreen application, because that's what Kiosk Mode is for - preventing users from altering application behavior in any way.

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