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I installed TLXOS but only see the ThinLinX home page in a web browser. What's wrong?


Editor's note: this question/answer is somewhat obsolete, because starting from TLXOS 4.8.2/8.3.0, TLXOS has no default mode (rather than defaulting to Web) and will pop up Tlxconfig on first boot.

Short answer: quit the web browser using File->Exit, and you'll see some more options.

TLXOS is a very minimal O/S.  ThinLinX doesn't believe in flashy customisable local GUIs - if you want your thin client to do something, you have to tell it to do something, and the way to do that is via our remote management UI (TMS) or a local UI that isn't visible until the thin client quits what it is currently doing.  But we have to do something as an installation default, so we chose to start a web browser pointing at a source of additional information on how to get started (admittedly, the choice of web page could be better, which we'll remedy in future).

If you want to reconfigure TLXOS immediately, use <Ctrl><Alt>c to start the local configuration tool, select the Application tab, and specify the protocol you want to use and server you want to connect to.  Otherwise, if you quit the web browser, you'll see a post-session dialog window that provides some more options, including an option to launch the configuration tool (Tlxconfig).


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