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The web UI wants to run "xdg-open", but this does nothing. What now?


"xdg-open" is a generic means of launching a helper application from a web browser in Linux.  Commercial web UIs often use this to either try to detect the existence of, or install, a better alternative to the web client (i.e. a native Linux application).

Unfortunately, such UIs often blindly assume that because you are running Linux, you must be running x86_64 Linux, which if you are using TLXOS RPi, TLXOS RePC, or TLXOS ISFF 32-bit (NUC32), is wrong and will not work.  Historically, at least, it's also the case that Citrix's attempts to autodetect the presence of Receiver/Workspace App will always fail (ctxwebhelper doesn't work for some reason, we don't know why).

What that means is that if you are asked to run "xdg-open", the web UI is most likely about to to something misguided and/or futile, and you should say No and then click some button or text to indicate that either the native client is already installed and you do not wish to use the "light" HTML5-based web client (e.g. Citrix, VMware Horizon) or that you do wish to use the web client because no native application is available for this platform (e.g. MS Teams).

For example, for the Citrix Web UI:

But then:

And now you have a new option to override autodetection:

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