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TLXOS 4.9.3


TLXOS 4.9.3

Bugs fixed:

  • all bug fixes in TLXOS 4.9.2 (for editions that skipped this release)
  • some DHCP servers don't support use of IPv6-style DUIDs for IPv4, so this must be disabled (affects Stretch and Buster only)
  • kernel lacks drivers for HiFiBerry-Digi and the official Pi 4 case's GPIO fan (RPi only)
  • Workspace App (selfservice) hangs on exit because of libappindicator, which Teams-for-Linux supposedly depends on but actually doesn't
  • Teams-for-Linux's notiifcations don't work because no notification daemon is installed
  • <Ctrl><F2> should be disabled when HDX Kiosk Mode is set
  • pxe-server script could potentially share on the wrong interface or specify an incorrect default route
  • libinput Xorg driver ignores "xset m" such that mouse sensitivity setting has no effect (affects Stretch and Buster only)

New features:

  • add Video Conference mode using Teams-for-Linux (, except on RPi IoT
  • Maintenance mode now sets the root filesystem size to 1.125 gigabytes and activates swap on partitions detected as swap space, permitting RePC and SFF upgrades on devices with only 1 GiB of RAM with the aid of a swap device

Software upgrades:

  • 5.4 Linux kernel
  • tms_client 8.2.2
  • Tlxconfig 4.5
  • Chromium 87
  • Citrix Workspace App 2012
  • VMware Horizon Client 2012 (a.k.a. 8.1.0)
  • various Debian 10.7 package upgrades
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