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TLXOS 4.9.1


TLXOS 4.9.1

Bugs fixed

  • pxe-server stop action fails to stop vblade process for root filesystem
  • Cloudprint broken due to non-obvious dependency on missing python3-requests package
  • analog audio broken on RPi and RPi IoT because pasetup adjusts incorrect ALSA control
  • on RePC and NUC64, Horizon won't automatically enable USB redirection because vmview script lacks "--usbAutoConnectOnInsert=TRUE --usbAutoConnectAtStartUp=TRUE" parameters
  • WPA2 Enterprise authentication fails due to wpa_supplicant + kernel bug (affects Stretch and Buster only)
  • DHCP server issues new IP address after each reboot, because in Stretch and Buster dhclient adds a DUID that isn't saved due to an historical persist exclusion
  • dash echo bug causes DOMAIN\[0-9].* to be mishandled in HDX and VMware modes
  • on RPi, Horizon mode still provides dual screen H.264 warning even when not using H.264 submode
  • new PulseAudio arrangement unsatisfactory for various reasons on RePC and ISFF - rollback required
  • splash screen broken on NUC64
  • rdp-open must force a zero exit code and clean up the RDP file to work around undesirable xdg-open behaviour
  • new version of smplayer needs ini file setting to suppress annoying donation popup
  • Maintenance mode image contains outdated firmware that may not work with newer 4.19 kernel builds

Special customer requests

  • added unofficial FreeRDP patch (
  • added out-of-tree rtw88 driver on RePC
  • added out-of-tree rtl8822bu driver on RPi
  • added patch to theoretically support version 10-12 Intel I219-V Ethernet (untested) on SFF and RePC

Software upgrades

  • FreeRDP 2.2.0
  • VMware Horizon Client 2006 (a.k.a. 8.0.0)
  • Citrix Workspace App 2009
  • Chromium 83
  • Except on RPi, kernel upgraded to 4.19.146
  • Debian 10.6 userspace


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