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TLXOS 4.9.2


TLXOS 4.9.2

Bugs fixed:

  • /actualroot and /config filesytems should use "_netdev" in /etc/fstab
  • rdp script should quote ineractively collected DOMAIN if empty
  • hdx script should not perform a one-time-only veto of hdx_subtype=h264, as this is misleading (RPi only)
  • botched diff command in tlxinit's noobs_meta_check() function (RPi and IoT only)
  • lvresize operation in create_midlayers is too slow and will result in client failing to obtain a midlayer
  • TFM's version of LVM2 is too old, and may result in bogus metadata errors in Buster
  • dsi script does not set PULSE_SINK correctly on RPi
  • Bluetooth broken due to inclusion of incorrect firmware package (RPi only)

New features:

  • add support for Pi 400
  • add Video Conference mode using Teams-for-Linux (

Software upgrades:


  • move TLXOS profile inclusions into a profile.d file and fix the value of PULSE_SERVER
  • new audio driver arrangement in 4.5 kernel requires tlxinit, pasetup and set_alsa_default alterations (RPi only)
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