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Why do some of my devices show a Support Expiry date while others show "Never"?


Because we are phasing out the Support Expiry concept.  We've concluded that so little of our income comes from license renewals that this limitation just causes needless confusion and - because of historical bugs - problems.  We have never limited the right to lodge support tickets at to customers with paid up support (while ThinLinX is so small, it isn't in our interest to do that), so in practice the only effect that reaching the Support Expiry date had was to prevent you from installing newer versions of TLXOS (in older versions of TMS / tms_client, it also prevented installation of tms_client upgrades and hotfixes, but this proved to be counter-productive for dealing with historical bugs, so we removed that limit in tms_client 8.0.3 / TMS 8.1.0).  The Support Expiry concept also caused customer confusion as to whether or not our licenses are perpetual (they are).

In practice, the Support Expiry date is still encoded in your license and will still be enforced by older software, but starting from tms_client 8.2.0, when TMS asks for this date, tms_client will report a date in the far future (18 Jan 2038, the day before the 32-bit limit is reached for seconds since the epoch (midnight Jan 1st 1970)) rather than your license's actual Support Expiry date.  TMS 8.2.0 will report that date as "Never".

So in order to upgrade all of your client devices such that they never enforce any support expiry limitations, all you need to do is upgrade their tms_client version to 8.2.0 or higher.  Because TMS also used to perform certain Support Expiry checks itself, you also need to use TMS 8.2.0 or higher to fully eliminate all Support Expiry limits.

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