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Why is the keyboard layout still ENG (US) in my RDP/Citrix desktop?


Windows and Linux handle keyboard layout in fundamentally incompatible ways.  The Windows taskbar keyboard layout setting that you are looking at is really only meaningful for Windows clients - Linux clients cannot send the Windows server raw keycodes the way that a Windows client would.  If you try to force local (Linux) and remote (Windows) keyboards layouts to be the same, you can run into "double translation" problems if there is any discrepancy whatsoever between the two layouts.  It is best to ignore the Windows keyboard layout setting entirely, and handle keyboard mapping locally on the client instead.

You can do this via TMS or the local configuration utility:

For Citrix, that should be all that is needed.  It doesn't matter that the Windows taskbar still says you are using a US English keyboard.  Unless you are encountering an historical bug caused by an obsolete setting (see below), it isn't really true.  Your keyboard will still have the layout you expect.  You can start something like Notepad to check this.

Historically we used to allow users to set the Windows-side keyboard layout for HDX mode via TMS/Tlxconfig.  We got rid of that when we found out the problems that this can cause, but for backward compatibility reasons we still support that old option, and if you have upgraded from an old version of TLXOS (<= 4.7.1) or have used TMS to apply a saved profile generated using an older version of TLXOS, you may encounter a problem whereby the Windows keyboard actually does use a US English layout.  If that happens, reset your device to defaults and then reconfigure it (if using a saved profile, use Notepad to edit this and remove the kbd_citrix_layout setting, or change it to "(User Profile)" rather than "(Server Default)".

Unfortunately TLXOS' open source RDP client, FreeRDP, rather ill-advisedly completely ignores the current Linux XKB (X11 Keyboard extension) setting and instead forces the Windows keyboard layout to something that it automatically selects based on the client's local language (LANG) setting.  TLXOS isn't anything like a full-featured Linux desktop, and doesn't normally set a local language, so in order to get this automatic mapping to work properly you first need to use TMS or Tlxconfig to select the appropriate local language.


In Tlxconfig:

If you are using an old version of TLXOS (<= 4.7.1) that doesn't support the local language setting, please read for instructions on how to configure this manually via SSH.


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