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In HDX mode, why isn't auto-login working / why do I have to log in twice?


If HDX mode is asking for logon credentials more than once, or credentials saved using the "Auto Login" feature are being ignored and you are still being interactively prompted, then the most likely cause is that your Storefront store does not have the "HTTP Basic" authentication method enabled.

In Citrix Studio, select Citrix Store->Store->(Your Store name)->Manage Authentication Methods, and then select the "HTTP Basic" checkbox:

TLXOS requires this authentication method because all other password authentication schemes require the client to be a domain member, which would require a Samba join operation and ongoing machine account password management that is highly undesirable for a (relatively) stateless zero client.

Note that although the authentication scheme is named "HTTP Basic", in practice HTTPS is used, not HTTP, so HTTP headers containing the password are encrypted.


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