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CUPS printer redirection (using Citrix Universal Print Driver) isn't working!


Unfortunately, while redirection of printers from a Windows client is simple and "just works", high-level redirection of printers from a Linux client is arcane and difficult.  If the printer is connected via USB, you will probably find it simpler to use low-level USB redirection instead; this will occur by default, provided that your HDX server allows it.  A USB-redirected printer will appear on the server exactly as if it had been plugged in there rather than on the client, and will therefore require that someone with the required privileges perform Windows driver installation on each of your HDX servers.

If you choose to use high-level redirection instead, you can set up local CUPS printers on your TLXOS device via Web mode by browsing to https://localhost:631/ (or using the preconfigured bookmark), but difficult as this may be, that is the easy part.  In addition to this, you must also install a number of drivers on each of your Windows servers (see  Specificially, you must install the following printer drivers on your Windows server:

  • HP Color LaserJet 2800 Series PS (provides PS driver)
  • HP LaserJet Series II (provides PCL4 driver)
  • HP Color LaserJet 4500 PCL 5 (provides PCL5 driver)

Note that you have to click the button to get updated driver from Windows Update before these models appear in the list, and that it can take Windows a very long time to virus scan the drivers when you click add (and it doesn't tell you it's doing this)).

You will also have to modify your Citrix server-side policy to force use of the universal print driver and change the universal print driver preference order such that PS (or one of the PCL options) appears ahead of EMF and XPS, neither of which will work with any printer redirected from Linux.

The Citrix policy settings we used when testing this were:

  • Auto-create generic universal printer: enabled
  • Universal print driver preference: PS;EMF;XPS;PCL5c;PCL4
  • Universal print driver usage: Use universal printing only
  • Universal printing optimization defaults: BestQuality;HeavyweightCompression=False;ImageCaching=True;FontCaching=True;AllowNonAdminsToModify=True

You should also set the printer that you created to be your default Linux printer, either by (a) using the https://localhost:631 web UI or (b) using "lpoptions -d <printer-name>" or (c) adding "export PRINTER=<printer-name>" to /home/tlx/.bashrc.

ThinLinX hasn't even attempted any solution that doesn't involve the Universal Print Driver - it would be very difficult to get native drivers to work, you'd need to preload Windows print drivers that exactly matched your printer hardware onto all your HDX servers, and it's not at all clear to us how Linux driver names would be translated to Windows driver names.

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