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Is TLXOS 32-bit or 64-bit?


In TLXOS 4.x: RePC and NUC32 (ISFF) are both, NUC64 (ISFF/SFF) is 64-bit, RPi and RPi IoT are 32-bit.

In TLXOS 5.x: RePC is 32-bit in 5.0.x LTS, and 64-bit in progressive releases; RPi is 32-bit by default, but there is an alternative 64-bit version for the progressive releases.

On x86 platforms, TLXOS 4.x typically uses a 64-bit kernel.  TLXOS SFF/ISFF (a.k.a. NUC32/NUC64) uses a 64-bit kernel only, whereas RePC has both 32- and 64-bit kernels and automatically selects which one to use based on detected CPU capabilities, which requires a 32-bit userspace.  Unless you are running RePC on old or highly specialized hardware, your kernel and all device drivers are 64-bit, which means that they support >4 GB of RAM and perform fast memory operations.  The overhead of running a 64-bit kernel with 32-bit userspace code is negligible.  On RePC an NUC32, the output of "uname -m" is faked using setarch in order to fool applications into thinking that the system is 32-bit (since many apps will assume that the kernel bitness and userspace bitness are the same).

The two versions of TLXOS SFF/ISFF - "NUC32" and "NUC64" - are identical except that the former has a 32-bit userspace and the latter a 64-bit one.  You are free to use either one, using the same [I]SFF license.  Starting from TLXOS 4.8.0, we discontinued NUC32 and NUC64 became SFF (i.e. AMD as well as Intel) rather than ISFF (Intel only).

From TLXOS 5.2.0 onward, we dropped support for 32-bit only x86 hardware and converted TLXOS RePC to a 64-bit-only edition.  This made it so nearly the same thing as TLXOS SFF that in order to save time and effort we discontinued SFF after 5.0.x LTS and now provide only RePC.  Existing SFF customers will be provided some means by which to run RePC (64-bit) using an SFF license.  However, TLXOS 5.0.x LTS continues to support both 32-bit RePC, and (64-bit) SFF as a separate edition.

Up to and including 5.0.x LTS, TLXOS RPi is fully 32-bit (both kernel and userspace) only.  Thereafter, it was our original intention to provide only a 64-bit kernel with a 32-bit userspace, but due to annoying deficiencies in 32-bit Citrix and VMware client implementations, and the Raspberry Pi 5's annoying inability to boot a 32-bit kernel, we were forced to provide a dual kernel arrangement (similar to RePC 4.x) whereby Pi 3 (or Zero 2) and 4 would boot a safe 32-bit kernel, and the Pi 5 had no choice but to boot a riskier 64-bit kernel.  Hopefully this arrangement will be temporary, an the 32-bit kernel can be dropped in future.

We also made available a fully 64-bit (both kernel and hardware) variant of TLXOS RPi 5.2.0, since this is the only viable platform for customers with Raspberry Pi 5s who require a recent version of Citrix Workspace App, on account of bugs in the 32-bit version of Workspace App.  This variant supports the Pi 3 (including Zero 2), 4 and 5.

Except for the very rare Raspberry Pi 2B version 1.2, the Raspberry Pi 2 is 32-bit only hardware, and as such it requires a 32-bit kernel.  As it was not originally our intent to provide a 32-bit kernel in progressive releases of TLXOS 5.x, progressive releases of 5.x do not support the Pi 2 despite (temporarily) having a 32-bit kernel.  The highest version of TLXOS to support the Pi 2 is therefore the latest available 5.x LTS, currently 5.0.0 LTS.

TLXOS RPi IoT can only ever be fully 32-bit (kernel and userspace), since the hardware is 64-bit incapable.  TLXOS RPi IoT is no longer supported in progressive releases of TLXOS, so you must use an LTS release instead (with the temporary exception of TLXOS RPi IoT 4.11.0 and 4.11.1, which we might now choose to retroactively delete).


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