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How can I stop Citrix sessions spontaneously disconnecting on my Raspberry Pi?


This is most likely the result of Workspace App crashing, which might be related to use of H.264 hardware acceleration.

Up until Reciever 13.7.0, "our" add-on (which is actually Citrix's own example code, with only trivial modifications, from the Linux ARMHF Platform Optimization SDK) used to work reliably, but it appears that later releases of Citrix Receiver / Workspace App may have introduced API changes that the example Pi hardware acceleration code has not been updated for.  ThinLinX doesn't have a good understanding of how this code works, so we rely on Citrix to keep it up-to-date, but unfortunately they regard it as unsupported.

Until this situation is resolved, if you are experiencing Workspace App crashes, then you should either:

  1. Install TLXOS 4.8.x LTS, variant of TLXOS that uses older client versions, including Receiver 13.7.0, which is known to be compatible with the plugin, or:
  2. Change the HDX submode to JPEG instead of H.264 (don't use "H.264 (software only)", this will be unusably slow on the Raspberry Pi).  Options in the HDX mode window/tab will be used for HDX even when it is launched via Web mode (except for Server[:Port] and Command Line Args).  If you are using TMS 8.0.1 or earlier, you will need to temporarily change the mode to HDX, adjust and save options, and then change the mode back to Web and save again; Tlxconfig (any version) and TMS 8.1.0 and later save options for all modes simultaneously.
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