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Setting up a TLXOS session shadower on Windows



How to Shadow TLXOS Devices on a Windows Server/Desktop

First Install the latest stunnel for Windows (5.42 at the time of writing) from :







It doesn't matter exactly what details you enter for the self-signed certificate:




Now edit stunnel.conf:



Start by deleting or commenting out the example Service Definitions:



Then add a new TLS server mode services definition (e.g. svnc) as follows.  Use an "accept" port number other than 443 if the machine you're installing on already has an IIS instance or some other web server listening on that port.



Now install the stunnel service:




And start it:




If you want to check to make sure it's actually listening, you can run a "cmd" window and do this:



You should also check that the firewall allows an stunnel connection in the appropriate zone(s):