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How can I auto-launch a fullscreen Citrix/Horizon app/desktop only (no app browser)?


It is possible to configure both HDX and Horizon modes to launch a specific published application or desktop without ever letting the user access the main Workspace App Horizon Client / UI.  In both cases this is rather awkward due to the poor design of the Linux port of the client application; in the HDX case we have provided a simplified interface using our own shell wrapper, but it was not possible to do the same for Horizon mode because the client requires advance knowledge of the nature of the published entity that you are launching (i.e. whether it is an application pool or a desktop pool).

For HDX mode, under normal circumstances all you need to do is enter the hostname of the StoreFront server under "Server Hostname[:Port]", and then enter the name of the app/desktop that you want to automatically launch, exactly as it appears in the Storefront view, under Command Line Args.

For Horizon mode, you must similarly specificy the hostname of the Connection Broker under Server Hostname[:Port] and the name of the pool you want to launch under Command Line Args, but you must prefix the pool name with either "-n " for a desktop pool or "-a " for an application pool, and append " --once", e.g. "-n my-desktop-pool --once".

To suppress the local post-session-exit dialog box and immediately re-launch the chosen application/desktop, you will also want to set Exit Behavior to Restart (in earlier versions of TLXOS/TMS, this option is presented as an Auto Reconnect checkbox instead).  Please note that this has nothing to do with any session auto-reconnection behaviour internal to Workspace App / Horizon Client, all it does is suppress TLXOS' "what do you want to do next?" dialog box.

In both cases you will probably also want to select the Kiosk Mode checkbox, which will make a best effort to turn off features that allow the user to break out of the fullscreen desktop, such as the drop down toolbar/menu bar (if available, which it generally isn't on the Raspberry Pi platform).

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