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How to configure HDX mode when using Netscaler gateway


TLXOS 4.8.0 and later / TMS 8.2.0 and later has the ability to explicitly set details of a Netscaler gateway in the "Gateway/Proxy[:Port]" field.  This is theoretical only, since ThinLinX have to date not set up an HDX gateway to test with.

For older versions of TLXOS, use the following workaround:

On a newly installed device that has never before connected via HDX, you must enter the Netscaler hostname rather than the Storefront server hostname in TMS/Tlxconfig's Server[:Port] field. When you enter logon details in the Citrix UI for the first time, the client will save information about the Netscaler gateway and all discovered stores to a cache file (/home/tlx/.ICAClient/cache/Stores/StoreCache.ctx).  If your gateway provides access to multiple StoreFront stores, you will get prompted to select one.

If you don't need to automatically launch a particular published app or desktop, you don't need to do anything further.

If you do want to automatically launch something, quit the selfservice app using <Alt><F4> and then use the Reboot button on the post-session dialog that appears to gracefully reboot the device to ensure that this cache is persisted to flash.  After you have done this, you should reconfigure HDX mode to use the Storefront server hostname in the Server[:Port] field instead of the Netscaler name. Our scripting will use that to determine the correct Store URL (and Netscaler gateway address) to use by using the storebrowse utility to interrogate the store cache.  Set the name of the published application/desktop that you want to auto-launch (exactly as it appears in the Storefront UI) under Command Line Args.

We don't support the situation where a single web server hosts multiple Storefront stores, but it may be possible to cope with this by entering a partial URL in the Server[:Port] field (you must omit the https:// prefix because the UI checks for that and won't normally let you enter URLs here).


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