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How can I auto-start an application from an RDP deployment pool?


Your RDP Gateway is considered to be a broker, so you need to enter the name of that under Server/Broker[:Port], not Gateway/Proxy[:Port] (leave Gateway/Proxy[:Port] blank).

Additionally, you must enter the following in Command Line Args:

(if using FreeRDP 2.x on TLXOS 5.0.x and earlier)

/load-balance-info:'tsv://MS Terminal Services Plugin.1.collection-name' /app:'||app-alias'


(if using FreeRDP 3.x on TLXOS 5.2.x and later)

/load-balance-info:'tsv://MS Terminal Services Plugin.1.collection-name' /app:program:'||app-alias'

... where collection-name is the name of your RDP collection and app-alias is the nameof the application you wish to launch.  You must include the single quotes to escape space and "|" characters that will otherwise cause Linux shell script errors.


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