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How can I deploy an update that I downloaded outside of TMS?


Because we have limited space on our download servers, TMS is only able to download the latest updates (and in some cases prior versions) for TLXOS, tms_client and TMS.  You must download anything older using a web browser from  From time to time we may also provide web hyperlinks to unofficial hotfixes and updates in response to support requests.

To deploy externally downloaded updates using TMS, you must extract the zip file in the folder that TMS expects to see that type of update in.  After that, TMS will be able to "see" the update.

By default, TMS stores files in subfolders of C:\ProgramData\ThinLinX Management Software (when running on Windows) or /var/lib/tms (when running on Linux).  Hotfixes go in the hotfix subfolder, TLXOS upgrades in the firmware subfolder, and tms_client updates in the tmsclient subfolder.

When extracting the zip file,you must not allow your archiving utility to create a top-level folder that isn't present in the zip file's actual content, e.g. if using 7-Zip, use the context menu option named "Extract here" or "Extract files ..." rather than "Extract to some-folder-name".

You can also install hotfixes - but not TLXOS or tms_client upgrades - locally on the console of your TLXOS device using the Tlxconfig utility.  To do this, you'll need to put the hotfix zip file on a USB flash drive and plug that in to the TLXOS device.  Then click the Install Hotfix button in the Device tab, and select the zip file.  When using Tlxconfig, do not extract the contents of the zip file.

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