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tms_client / Tlxconfig 8.4.3


tms_client 8.4.3

Bugs fixed

  • can't install any upgrades or hotfixes due to bogus "checksum mismatch" error (TLXOS >= 5.2.0 only)
  • /var/log/daemon and /var/log/messages are zero length in uploaded log files bundle since these files no longer exist on Debian 12 and later (must now upload /var/log/syslog instead)
  • dpkg.log file in uploaded log files bundle contains incorrect data when retrieved while in Maintenance Mode due to shell command syntax error


  • unnecessary rewriting of the license proof token (/config/etc/tmslic.txt) is now avoided when reinstalling a license
  • the default audio scheme for all TLXOS editions except for RPi IoT is now PulseAudio (previously all Raspberry Pi based editions defaulted to ALSA)

Tlxconfig 8.4.3

Bugs fixed

  • can't install any hotfixes due to bogus "checksum mismatch" error (TLXOS >= 5.2.0 only)
  • in the Application tab, the session idle timeout value always shows zero rather than the actual current setting, which also results in this being reset to zero when settings are saved
  • web proxy variables (https_proxy et al) should not be defined when no proxy is specified


  • buttons that initiate a reboot or shutdown now launch a dialog window to ask the user whether or not they want to save changes first
  • utility now permits installation of unecrypted hotfixes in tarball (tar.gz) format in a zip file container, provided that they use the same filename convention as encrypted hotfixes
  • the check to prevent reinstallation of hotfixes has been removed, as this was counter-productive when user-testing new hotfixes (and no longer worked in any case)
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