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TLXOS 5.2.1


TLXOS 5.2.1

Bugs fixed

  • RDP client fails to start with a syntax error if an RDP gateway is specified
  • RDP client might fail to connect with a bogus DNS resolution error if any change is made using the local configuration utility (Tlxconfig)
  • shortcut keys permit accidental desktop switch or window transfer to other virtual desktops (there should be only one!) while outside of a full screen remote desktop session
  • background may appear black, with the correct background image only appearing where exposed by dragging a window
  • idle session disconnection feature doesn't work
  • USB installer stops at an interactive¬†(initramfs) prompt when booting a system on which an earlier version of the same edition of TLXOS is already installed
  • a failed integrity check of /config causes the USB installer to fail to automatically upgrade TLXOS <= 5.0.x
  • Maintenance Mode might fail to start with a "Fatal error in gpu init" error on devices with AMD GPUs
  • inability to mount the root filesystem will result in (usually) harmless error messages during an automatic upgrade of TLXOS <= 5.0.x
  • analog audio does not work on the Raspberry Pi when using the ALSA audio scheme
  • the firewall was not configured on the 64-bit version of RPi (accidental omission)
  • PXE booting Raspberry Pis in Diskless Clients mode doesn't work; they enter Maintenance Mode instead because their midlayer is missing
  • reverting locale to C.UTF-8 after changing it to something else has no effect

New features

  • multiple server names/addresses (separated by spaces) are now permitted in the Server/Broker[:Port] field; if multiple names/addresses are present, TLXOS will use them to prepopulate the server pick list; unlike the case where no server names are provided, users will not be able to alter options in this list

Software upgrades

  • Citrix Workspace App 23.11 (RPi only); we discovered that recent versions work reliably under a 64-bit kernel so long as an H.264 submode is used instead of JPEG (see below)
  • RASClient 19.3.2 (RePC only)
  • FreeRDP 3.5.1
  • Teams-for-Linux 1.4.37
  • tms_client / Tlxconfig 8.4.3
  • various Debian 12.5 package updates

Software downgrades

  • VMware Horizon Client 2212.1 (RPi only) - this older version does not encounter the crash on USB redirection problem when running a 64-bit ARM kernel


  • the 32-bit kernel for Pi 3 and 4 has been removed from TLXOS RPi - all supported Pi models (3-5) will now boot the same 64-bit kernel (please note that this limits the Horizon Client version to at most 2212.1 at present, as all later versions have a serious bug)
  • due to a Workspace App "quirk" in all recent releases, Raspberry Pis must now be reconfigured to use one of the two H.264 submodes rather than JPEG to avoid an application lock-up; the HDX mode start script will veto attempts to use JPEG submode
  • we have found that - for unknown reasons - ALSA audio performance is very poor in FreeRDP 3; a one-time-only warning dialog has been added to the RDP mode start script to advise users against using ALSA (you should use PulseAudio instead)
  • to reduce confusion - particularly for new users - when installing RePC via USB stick, ISO or PXE boot, the boot menu is no longer hidden, and the timeout has been lengthened to ten seconds; the Reinstall submenu option has also been renamed to (Re)Install
  • RePC's¬†Test Memory boot menu option is now available when booting in UEFI mode also, and in both Legacy boot and UEFI boot cases now uses Memtest86+ 7.00 rather than Memtest86 5.01
  • accelerated GL is now permitted in HDX mode, as newer Citrix Workspace App releases attempt to use it (and it only ever conflicted with ThinLinX's long-since-removed plugin)
  • removed unneeded empty files and directories from /actualroot/var/log
  • added localization package for Chromium web browser

Known issues

  • PXE booted devices operating as diskless clients will get stuck indefinitely during shutdown or reboot, and will require power removal or reset; this is because all recent Linux kernels require network interfaces to be dereferenced (i.e. shut down cleanly) prior to reboot or poweroff, which is very difficult when booting Debian from an ATA-over-Ethernet device
  • a Pi 5 will not display our usual boot screen, and will show a fallback green-and-white text progress bar instead (a Plymouth bug or kernel issue we have not had time to investigate)
  • because of a bug or peculiarity of some kind in the 6.1 kernel, USB devices on a Pi 3 will not initialise until very late in the boot process, which will result the Pi lacking an IP address after a reboot; we therefore recommend that customers using Pi 3s install TLXOS 5.0.x LTS instead until we can resolve this problem
  • x86 devices with Intel GPUs operating in Horizon mode will display only a black screen (plus toolbar) unless configured to use the "BLAST (No H.264)" submode; we suspect that this occurs because Horizon Client is attempting to interact with Debian 12's libva library using an obsolete API (in which case all we can do is wait for VMware/Broadcom/Omnissa/whoever to fix this in a later version)
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