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TLXOS 5.2.0


Bugs fixed

This release includes all fixes in TLXOS 5.0.0 LTS.

New features

This release includes all of the new features in TLXOS 5.0.0 LTS.

Software upgrades

  • 6.1.68 kernel; we had originally intended this release to use only 64-bit kernels, but were forced to include a 32-bit kernel for TLXOS RPi in order to work around a serious problem with Horizon Client (see Known Bugs, below) for Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 models
  • FreeRDP 3.2.0
  • Citrix Workspace App 2311, except for TLXOS RPi 5.1.0, which has been downgraded to use WA 2012 instead, because all later versions will crash on the Pi 5 (this is a WA bug caused by mishandling of 64-bit ARM kernels)
  • VMware Horizon Client 2312
  • tms_client/Tlxconfig 8.4.2
  • Debian 11.8 (Bullseye)


  • this release supports the Raspberry Pi 5, although workarounds were needed to deal with limitations Workspace App and Horizon Client
  • this release does not support the Raspberry Pi 2 (in theory, the rare Raspberry Pi 2 Model B version 1.2 might still work, but we do not possess that model and have not tested it)
  • the TLXOS RPi kernels now support operation as both a virtualization host (KVM) and guest (KVM or Xen), i.e. using 5.2.0 it is now possible to run TLXOS RPi as a hypervisor or virtual machine (the Pi 5 is your best choice in a hypervisor role, as it both has an IOMMU and runs a 64-bit kernel; a Pi 4 with 8 GB RAM would also work, but we'd recommend altering config.txt to run the 64-bit kernel rather than the 32-bit one)
  • RePC is now 64-bit only (both kernel and userspace), no longer supports old 32-bit only hardware
  • TLXOS SFF (NUC64) has been discontinued, since it is now nearly identical to a subset of (64-bit) RePC; TLXOS SFF licensees will be able to use SFF entitlements to license RePC installs, but there is no SFF-to-RePC conversion path (requires full reinstall)
  • as the new kernel cannot support Reiser4 (no patches are available for 6.1), we have reverted to using an uncompressed ext2 root filesystem, which will be a little faster to access, but is much larger - in practice, a storage device of 8 GB or larger size is now required for install
  • the fbturbo framebuffer-mode driver that was previously used on the Pi 3 has been removed - FKMS is now used for both Pi 3 and Pi 4, and the Pi 5 uses the fully open source KMS driver (this is required for working HDMI audio)
  • the ifplugd package has been removed, as it was found to be too poorly supported and to cause too many problems; consequently, TLXOS 5.1.0 will no longer renegotiate a new IP address if the Ethernet is unplugged and replugged after >= 6 seconds
  • the Debian autofs v5 package is now used by storage_detect in lieu of a DIY autofs v4 compilation, on account of a lock-up bug that manifested only with 64-bit ARM kernels that we were unable to resolve
  • changes to the Locale settings in TMS or Tlxconfig now require TLXOS RPi to be rebooted in order to effect changes to the WiFi regulatory domain, on account of removal of the CRDA userspace helper in Bookworm

 Known bugs

  • on a Pi 5, Horizon Client crashes when a USB device is redirected, or at logon if a USB device eligible for redirection is present prior to starting the Horizon app/desktop, because of a Horizon Client bug whereby 64-bit ARM kernels are mishandled; changing "Redirect USB" to "No" will prevent the crash, but USB based storage devices will not be available
  • a Pi 5 will not display our usual boot screen, and will show a fallback green-and-white text progress bar instead (a Plymouth bug or kernel issue we have not had time to investigate)
  • RDP mode will fail with an xfreerdp syntax error if an RDP gateway is configured (sorry, we missed this bug in testing - a hotfix will be available soon)
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