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Frequently Asked Questions
How does ThinLinX licensing work?
How can I SSH / get root access to a TLXOS device?
What hardware does TLXOS support? What is each TLXOS edition for?
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General Information
How client devices locate a TMS server
What is TLXOS? Is it Linux? What parts of it are proprietary?
How secure is TLXOS? / TLXOS design overview
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Workarounds for Old Versions
Known issue with TMS <= 8.0.0 on Ubuntu >= 16.04
Dual displays on a Raspberry Pi
High monitor resolutions on Raspberry Pi
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Setting up a TLXOS session shadower on Windows
Network booting TLXOS RPi from an x86 server
TMS Screencast
ThinLinX YouTube links
Release Notes
tms_client 8.3.2
TLXOS 4.10.1
TLXOS 4.8.3
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