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Changing system language / correcting RDP keyboard layout


We do not yet have support in the ThinLinX GUIs to do this, but you can do it manually by SSHing to the device as root (by using TMS to upload an SSH public key and then SSHing using the corresponding private key, see separate SSH knowledgebase article for more information) and entering "dpkg-reconfigure locales".  You should select a UTF-8 option - in most cases something like xx_XX.UTF-8, e.g. de_DE.UTF-8.  Reboot your device afterward to ensure that settings are saved to permanent storage.

In TLXOS RePC 4.6.1, we ran out of space in the base AUFS layer of the root filesystem (/actualroot) and had to remove the locales package in order to make room for the latest versions of essential packages, so for RePC 4.6.1 only you will need to install the locales package first using "apt-get install locales (there will be room for that, because it gets installed in the middle AUFS layer (/config) instead).  RePC 4.7.0 and later do not have this issue because we changed the /actualroot filesystem type to one that supports compression (Reiser4).

The most commonly used applications (Citrix Workspace App and VMware Horizon Client) only support a few languages: German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean (Horizon Client only) and Russian (Workspace App only).

Our new FreeRDP 2.0 client uses the O/S’ locale (specifically the LANG environment variable) to make keyboard layout choices, so if you find that RDP is selecting the wrong server-side keyboard layout, you will need to change your client-side locale as described above.

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