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TLXOS keyboard shortcuts (when not in a fullscreen app)


xbindkeys mappings are as follows:

  • <Ctrl><Alt>c starts the local (C)onfiguration tool (Tlxconfig)
  • <Ctrl><Alt>i (I)dentifies monitors (for mapping displays to output number in TMS and Tlxconfig); N.B. this will not produce a useful result when in clone mode
  • <Ctrl><Alt>r (R)esets to defaults (either "factory" or custom) when pressed twice within two seconds
  • <Ctrl><Alt>s configures session (S)hadowing
  • <Ctrl><Alt>t starts an unprivileged (T)erminal window (rxvt); N.B. you cannot su to root in this window
  • <Ctrl><Alt>v starts the alsamixergui audio (V)olume control

Useful window manager (xfwm4) shortcuts include:

  • <Alt><F4> close current window
  • <Alt><F7> move current window
  • <Alt><F8> resize current window
  • <Alt><F9> minimize (hide) current window
  • <Alt><F10> maximize current window
  • <Alt><F11> fullscreen (maximize without WM decorations) window
  • <Alt><Space> pop up WM menu on current window
  • <Alt><Tab> switch window (cycle forward)
  • <Ctrl><Alt>d show desktop (iconify everything)
  • <Shift><Alt<Tab> switch window (cycle backward)
  • <Shift><Alt><PgDown> lower window
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