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Black screen / immediate disconnection in Horizon mode on RePC


This happens when H.264 hardware acceleration, using either VA-API or VDPAU, is only partly functional.  While this works reliably on the more restrictive set of GPU hardware supported by TLXOS ISFF, it's a bit hit-and-miss for chipsets other than Intel Integrated Graphics.  It could be the case that the relevant open source libraries don't support the necessary GL operations in the VA/VDPAU API for your specific GPU chipset, or there may be other problems such as missing GPU firmware.

In all likelihood, your problems will go away when you stop trying to use (accelerated) H.264.  The easiest way to to this is to turn H.264 off using Horizon Client's "File->Configure VMware Blast" option:



Alternatively you could try setting "mks.allowAcceleratedRenderers=FALSE" in /etc/vmware/config.

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