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Is TLXOS ISFF/RePC 32-bit or 64-bit?



On x86 platforms, TLXOS uses a 32-bit userspace but (typically) a 64-bit kernel.  ISFF (a.k.a. NUC32/NUC64) uses a 64-bit kernel only, whereas RePC has both 32- and 64-bit kernels and automatically selects which one to use based on detected CPU capabilities.  Unless you are running RePC on old or highly specialized hardware, your kernel and all device drivers are 64-bit, which means that they support >4 GB of RAM and perform fast memory operations.  The overhead of running a 64-bit kernel with 32-bit userspace code is negligible.  The output of "uname -m" is faked using setarch in order to fool applications into thinking that the system is 32-bit (since many apps will assume that the kernel bitness and userspace bitness are the same).

There is a secondary port of TLXOS ISFF known as NUC64 which has a 64-bit userspace (which uses the same license as "NUC32"), but we abandoned this because we had 64-bit porting problems with our HDX H.264 hardware acceleration plugin, and lost the staff expertise required to fix this.  In future our 64-bit x86 port might be rebirthed as "RePC modern" or similar (this depends on whether or not third-party providers continue to provide 32-bit x86 ports of their software).



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