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Why is there no toolbar in a fullscreen Citrix/Horizon desktop on my Raspberry Pi?


Both Citrix Workspace App and VMware Horizon Client have minimally functional support for H.264 hardware acceleration that prevents use of their drop-down toolbars. The nature of the H.264 hardware acceleration overlay is such that implementing add-ons of this type is extremely difficult, and neither vendor has dealt with the problem yet.

In the Citrix case, the toolbar is invisible but can still be clicked on using the mouse, which causes such confusion that we've had to deliberately disable it to avoid this.  In the VMware case, the drop-down menu appears as a single pixel only, and cannot be clicked on.

You can escape a Citrix HDX fullscreen session  by using <Ctrl><F2> to release the mouse and keyboard, after which you can enter local window manager commands such as <Alt><Tab> to get back to your application list and perhaps start a second sesssion.  Regrettably, Horizon Client has no such hotkeys, so there is no way to break out of a fullscreen H.264-accelerated Horizon session on the Raspberry Pi.

In both cases you can turn accelerated H.264 off - in HDX mode, by using TMS or Tlxconfig to set the Submode to JPEG instead (or "H.264 (Software Only)", but on the Pi this is slow slow you'd never want to use it), and in Horizon Mode, by disabling H.264 in the client UI, or using the "BLAST (no H.264)" submode if this exists.  Doing this will degrade performance, but at least you'll get your drop-down toolbar/menu bar back.


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