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Serial port redirection in RDP mode


TLXOS has kernel drivers for all common USB serial adapters, so your adapter ought to work locally (if you are in any doubt, start a local terminal window using <ctrl><alt>t and use "ls /dev/ttyusb0" to check whether /dev/ttyusb0 exists - it should appear as soon as you plug the adapter in).

To redirect the local serial port, use TMS or the local configuration tool (you can start this using <ctrl><alt>c) to add something like "/serial:COM3,/dev/ttyusb0" to Command Line Args in TMS' Mode window / Tlxconfig's Application tab (change COM3 to whatever you want the serial port to appear as on the Windows server - make sure it doesn't clash with locally present serial ports).

After logging in, you can use "change port /query" to check that redirection has occurred (it's a DOS-level redirection, so the redirected device won't appear in Device Manager).

It is the responsibility of the Windows application to configure the redirected serial port as required (baud rate, data bits, stop bits, flow control etc).

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